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Jelly Roll Rug

Jelly-roll Rug Class


Supplies needed:

  •      Sewing machine (w/table extension if you have one) and normal sewing supplies
  •      Jelly roll Rug pattern by RJ designs *
  •      1 jelly roll or 42 WOF strips to make an oval rug approximately 30” X 44” *
  •      Thread- large spool (1200 yards) matching fabric or contrast your choice *
  •      Needles-size 14-16 Jean needle, have extra in case you break one *
  •      2 ¼” roll batting (50 yds) OR Cotton batting- 1.25 yards by 96” 100% cotton *
  •      Ellen’s Best Press *
  •      Jelly Roll Sasher *
  •      Walking foot for sewing machine (optional)


Prepare for Class:

  •      Read through the pattern to familiarize yourself with the overall instructions.
  •      Gather supplies
  •      Prewind 4-5 bobbins
  •      Decide the arrangement of your strips in your rug. Random or dark to light. .  .
  •      Sew your fabric strips together end to end diagonally and trim off excess to ¼” seam allowance. Press seam allowance open.
  •      If you use batting cut 2 ¼” wide strips and connect strips w/batting tape or butt ends and zigzag together.
  •      With your batting prepared and your fabric strips sewn together end to end you are ready for class.


*Supplies available at Flowers 2 Fabric                                




Jelly Roll Rug

$ 25.00